School Age/ Summer Camp

What is a Day Care's 'Summer Camp' and Why Do We Need It? Besides the obvious reason, the need for daytime care, our children need Summer Camp for outdoor entertainment, physical exercise and an educational bridge between the two school years. 
A day care's Summer Camp is a program that is much like school or after-school programs. The summer camp program will have field trips, swimming/playground water parks, and/or themed educational programs.
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After School Lesson Plan TemplateAfter school teachers need a lesson plan template to help the teacher keep the lessons in a practical order and meet proper state educational standards.
The after school lesson plan template is a straightforward document that permits the school age teacher to catalog the lessons, maintain a needed materials list, and write evaluations and observations.
In generating lesson plans, it is vital that the teacher have a working template that eases the mental burden of writing the lesson plan out. There are various grade levels in an after school program and though it is beneficial for the children to be able to play with others of differing ages, it is not advantageous for the children to be forced to learn at a higher or lower level of education.
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Snow Days Bring Boredom to School Age Children: Sooner or later, school age children become bored when stuck at home. Make their snow days more fun and educational without the electronic devices.
The doldrums of too many snow days has made school age children extremely bored while stuck in a day care or at home all day all week. Not even a PSP or Xbox can keep a child’s attention for very long. The blizzard has been an eye opener for after school teachers who are used to having their students for two hours a day not eight or ten. They have realized the children become bored very quickly.
There are three easy ways to maintain sanity and bring life back into the After School program.
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Lesson Plan Ideas for Student Involvement in After-School ProgramAfter-School Programs need lessons that are important to the students. If they are not happy to attend then classroom management problems arise.
After-School Programs help students get better grades in school by giving them time to do their homework or letting them have time to independently read. It also helps the students in their social needs by allowing them time to play with their friends.
What about the student who is older than the other kids in After-School are, therefore cannot relate to them? What about the student who is more advanced and becomes bored? What about the student who is perpetually angry and takes it out on the other kids?
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Lesson Plans Connect Art and Language For All After School AgesA lesson plan for all school ages connecting Art with Language using French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Sign Language, oil paint and other materials.
A lesson plan for one week to teach your students five different art techniques and a few foreign language words that correspond with the artist. Use the same words about art for each day. You can add simple words to the lesson as well to advance learning, such as the foreign language words for colors or numbers.
There are thousands of creative art techniques and languages to keep this pattern of study going for a month or longer. It is also possible to extend each of these styles and incorporate music, math and history into full day lessons. Make sure you follow state standards and use observation practices to identify student interest.
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