Infants' Classroom: Communication with Parents

Daycare Classroom Keys to Successful Interactions

Parent-teacher communication requires four strategies, included in the daily routine, to encourage and maintain successful parent-teacher relationships.

Infant Classroom Time Management and Infant Bonding
Learn a few organization methods to increase individual quality time for each child in the infant classroom.
The infants' classroom is a busy room in which there rarely are enough teachers, enough space and there is always an abundance of babies. Due to the extraordinary circumstances of teaching in the infants' room, the teachers often feel overwhelmed or neglectful to the babies. These feelings stem from trying to give love and attention to too many children without enough time.
A few time organization ideas to help ease the load in an overwhelming classroom alleviate many caring teachers' self-imposed mental torment.

Infant Classroom Lesson Plan Ideas for Day Care Providers

Infant classroom lesson plan ideas for day care providers are hard to come by when the room is so spontaneous and various in development levels.
In infant classrooms in the day care setting, it is incredibly hard to create lesson plans and strategies. There are few lessons that infant teachers can complete as planned. The infant classroom is the one room where spontaneity is the key to success. However, there are a few infant class lessons that are easy to produce instantly and are enormous fun for both the students and the teachers.

 Infant Classroom Lesson Plans: Sight and Sound Senses

An infant classroom needs lesson plans like any other daycare room. This lesson focuses on playing with the baby's sight and sound senses.
Creating a lesson plan that contributes to the development of infants is an indispensable mission of a teacher in a daycare setting. Creative lessons that provide varied and thought-provoking observations of child behavior are helpful in furthering the child’s necessary cognitive and physical educational progress as well as continuously teaching the daycare provider better ways to teach.

 Infant Classroom Lesson Plans: Smell, Touch, and Taste Senses

An infant classroom needs lesson plans like any other daycare room. This lesson focuses on playing with the baby's smell, touch, and taste senses.
Teachers in a daycare setting have a difficult task of creating lesson plans that develop the children cognitively, socially, and emotionally. The infant daycare teacher has the hardest task in creating lessons, as their day is dependent upon the children’s actions and needs rather than making the children follow a set schedule.

 Infant Classroom Lesson Plans: Exercise with Baby

The infant classroom needs lesson plans for the younger infants (6wks - 3 mths) for development and baby exercises. The exercises with baby are fun for all.
The inactive infant is often the cute one that people look at, coo over and shield from overly fascinated mobile babies. However, that child is not frequently the focus of the classroom lessons.
Playing with the baby is, of course, the paramount way to engage the child’s developing mind, but the baby’s body needs special attention as well.